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Your Next step, for the CSS licensing process to begin ...

  1. Please click on the CSS License Agreement hyperlink to download a printable version of this document (print 2 sets of agreements and any additional Exhibit A and B documents if needed).
  2. The CSS Procedural Specifications are available for download.
  3. Next click on the Inquiry Sheet and Application Process Flow Chart hyperlinks to download Inquiry Sheet and Instructions. Fax your completed Inquiry Sheet to DVD CCA at + 1 408 779 9291. Alternatively, you can use "Contact DVD CCA" on the "About Us" tab to contact us and we will send you information on how to send the Inquiry sheet via email.
  4. Send via courier two (2) completed and signed CSS License Agreements.
  5. Following DVD Format Book number verification (if necessary - depends on selected license category) and if the signed CSS License Agreements are complete, DVD CCA processes the Agreements for countersignature.
  6. An electronic invoice for selected membership categories will be processed after the CSS License Agreements are counter-signed. An original invoice is not provided unless requested. Please pay your bank wire transfer fees (including intermediary bank fees if charged) to avoid delay. DVD CCA's bank does not contact an intermediary bank to use its services.
  7. Upon DVD CCA's receipt of full invoice payment and all requirements met, issues the CSS License.

Please choose from the following documents. Note: You may need to click on the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page to download multiple documents.

Note: When completing the CSS License Agreement, the second blank space of the first page and the third blank space of "Exhibit B" should both contain the same information, to identify the geographic legal jurisdiction and laws under which your company was organized and is currently existing under. Examples would be, but not limited to the following: "Delaware LLC", "Japanese Corporation", "California Corporation", " New York Non-Profit Corporation", etc. Please state what is legally accurate.

You can fax one (1) completed Inquiry Sheet to DVD CCA at +1 408 779 9291 for review.
Alternatively, you can use "Contact DVD CCA" on the "About Us" tab to contact us and we will send you information on how to send the Inquiry sheet via email.

In order for DVD CCA to process a CSS License application, DVD CCA requires receipt of two (2) completed and signed CSS License Agreements. DVD CCA can only process original license agreements, not fax or electronic copies of agreements.

IMPORTANT: If the desired license category involves CSS proprietary materials (CSS Confidential and/or Highly Confidential Information), then Question 3.2 of the Inquiry Sheet is relevant and you will need to state the DVD Format Book Serial number(s) on Question 3.2 of the Inquiry Sheet. DVD CCA can not process signed CSS License Agreements until DVD CCA receives confirmation from the DVD FLLC that verifies your company as the owner of the applicable DVD Format Book Serial number. (Question 3.2 is not applicable to the following license categories: "Assembler", "Reseller", "Content Provider", and "Integrated Products Manufacturer").

Regarding DVD-Book subscription and DVD Format/Logo License matters, contact information for the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation is as follows:

DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation
Daimon Urbanist Bldg. 6F
2-3-6 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0012

Tel: + 81 3 5777 2885; Fax: +81 3 5777 2884
DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation

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